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Sometimes, the best way to learn about a place is by reading what the families of the Residents have to say: 


From Josephine Toscano 3-24- 2018

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my stepfather. Grace Morgan House and its staff were exceptional.  Assisted living was very new to our family and we were uncertain about what to expect. Mary, Scott and the entire staff made this transition very easy for us. The Grace Morgan staff kept us informed about his progress and greeted our family at very visit.  Our family had many questions and concerns and Scott was always there to help us out.  Thank you again!


From: Betty and Tony Scavo, Daughter and Son-in-law of Bill Reid

To the staff at the Grace Morgan House,

First of all I would like to say Thank You for all of the help you have given my family while finding my dad a new home.

While the decision to move my dad into assisted living was not an easy one, I believe everyone at the Grace Morgan House helped me feel I was making the right decision. He deserves the best.

The compassion and patience you all have shown us has made this an easier transition.

I wish to thank each and every one of the staff members for the comfort you bring, you are all wonderful and have been prompt to any concern. 

Suzanne, I remember our first conversation on the phone and I became very emotional , right away you made me feel as though I was talking with a friend, you were very compassionate.

Scott, you have always been so helpful, you always make everyone feel welcome and feel at home.

Sue, what would we have done without you? You did not stop making calls until you knew my dad's medication was delivered and he was getting the correct dosages. You took the time to make sure he received visiting nurses. Grace Morgan is lucky to have someone who cares about the needs of the residents.

Tracy, you have been so helpful with helping me out with the VA. My dad loves to talk to you. You have a calming way about you.

To all the CNAs, thank you my dad brags about how wonderful you all are. You are all so special. You take the time to talk with all the residents.

My dad always says the food is so good. The chef at the Grace Morgan House is wonderful!!  You can tell you all love your jobs and we thank you!


Betty and Tony Scavo

FROM: Jackie and Kathleen Chwalek, Daughters of Rita Chwalek

Dear Scott and Suzanne,

To us Grace Morgan is like a box of Whitman Sampler Chocolates. Owners and staff all come with individual names, shapes and personalities. Each of you has a special purpose in serving the Residents. Each of you carries out your responsibilities in your own unique way. Your box is the lovely Grace Morgan House so homey, so tastefully decorated and so efficiently run. Within the packaging of GMH, you fulfill your purpose of providing loving care for Rita ,us and all the families. Together you have made GMH an outstanding assisted living facility.

We are so grateful for you. Thank you for being who you are! We are happy you are in our lives.

Sincerely, and with much love,

Jackie and Kathleen and granddaughter, Susan

FROM: Charles Ripley, Deputy Chief, Methuen Fire Department, Son of Charles Ripley

"In the fall of 2004, we began to look for an assisted living facility for our family member.  We visited a number of places in the area, but settled on the Grace Morgan House.  It has proved to be a good decision.

We liked many things about the Grace Morgan House.  The small number of residents creates a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else. The interior of the building has the look of a bed-and-breakfast inn. The rooms are wall-papered and well-appointed.  The dining room and social areas are inviting.  Each floor has a common room for TV and social interaction. An elevator allows easy movement between floors.

The staff is a great group of people who really make this place a home. They are friendly, capable and patient.  Each Resident is know by name and is made to fell like a member of the family. Residents are treated with respect. The meals offer good variety, and are prepared by skilled cooks. Occasional outings to a restaurant, or take-out orders, provide special treats.

The arrangement they have with Perotta's Super Drug to supply prescription mediation is trouble-free. Staff at Grace Morgan House supervises the residents' medication and a nurse oversees the record-keeping. I recommend the Grace Morgan House as a safe and friendly environment for your loved-one."

FROM Mary Sapienza, Daughter of Mary Sapienza

Dear Scott and Suzanne,

On this one month anniversary of my mother's death, I want you both to know how deeply my sister and I value you, the Grace Morgan House and the dedication of your staff.

I marvel at the random serendipitous of finding your website when it became evident a few years ago that my mother needed to move to a situation that would support her in her wanting years. The graceful way you folks had of welcoming her into your assisted living community was just right for her. Your attention to her particular needs and idiosyncrasies was great!

Your immediate and open response to the few problems that developed in her one and one half years there was both effective and refreshing.

I noted that during the first six months she lived there, whenever she was asked by her doctor if she felt safe at home, she would answer, "I do not live at home." Gradually that all changed, and during her last year there, whenever she was asked the same question, her answer was a definite "yes." For her, Grace Morgan House had become home.

Thank you for all that you do!


Mary L. Sapienza

From: Fred Lustenberger, Son of Rita Lustenberger

Dear Suzanne and Scott,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the fine care and consideration you gave my mother Rita over the last 4+ years.

As she said when we all first met "this is like coming home."  She did love there and considered it her home. She was so much happier and content at the Grace Morgan House than she was while living at home all alone.

I would also like to thank all your staff, particularly Tracy, Sue and Susan. Although I didn't mention all of your staff by name, I would certainly include them in my heartfelt thanks for making Rita feel loved and respected.

Although her memory is all but gone, I'm sure somewhere she remembers you all with much love and gratefulness for the kindness shown her the last 4+ years.

Again, I thank you for the love, respect and courtesy shown to my mother Rita Lustenberger.


Fred Lustenberger

FROM: Richard Fink, Son of Carol Fink

"After a care assessment indicated that my mother needed round-the-clock care, but not skilled nursing care, my wife and I started looking for an assisted living type arrangement that would meet her needs.

While there are many assisted living facilities most only provide a minimum amount of assistance and many only provide one meal for the base monthly fee.  Any thing additional costs extra and the costs get quite high very rapidly.  We found some facilities that provided the level of care that she needed but none of them seemed to be right. Some were too big, some too crowded, some not caring enough.

When we visited the Grace Morgan House, we knew right way that this was the right place. The Grace Morgan House provides the home-like atmosphere, the constant care and the attentive staff that we were looking for.  My mother has been living here for over a year, and we have been very happy with our decision.  She is getting the care that she needs plus the extra personal attention that makes such a difference.  It has eased our minds, and removed a good deal of stress knowing that she is well care for."

From: Bill Gosselin, Son of Jeanette Drogue

The family of Jeanette Drogue wishes to thank all the staff and caregivers at the Grace Morgan House for their professional dedication and kindness afforded to Jeanette Drogue during her stay with them while she resided there. She often reminded me "how good all of you were to her."

We are thankful for the care she received from Grace Morgan House and would recommend that anyone looking for an assisted living facility for family members that they consider utilizing this very nice place

Bill Gosselin

FROM: Connie Piemonte, Daughter of Sal Piemonte

"My family would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff at the Grace Morgan House in making my dad's transition from home to your assisted living facility a smooth one. He is at present and has been a Resident of the Grace Morgan House for the past three years.

The facility is attractive, clean and well -maintained. The staff is dear and work hard making for an atmosphere that is pleasant and loving.

Your staff, from management to nursing to the chef to the CNAs do an outstanding job. Our hats are off to you!!!  You put forth an incredible effort to make sure life for my dad and all who live there is special. We are very comfortable that your staff is taking such good care of him.

Many thanks to everyone.  My family appreciates everything everyone does to help make my dad's life at the Grace Morgan House as complete and as comfortable as possible.  He is happy and settled and that means the world to his family.