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19 Online Reviews of GMH and Letters from Families

Online Reviews of GMH and Letters from Families
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October 2018

My family and I highly recommend Grace Morgan House.  Our family member lived there for nearly a year.  First, the owners Scott and Suzanne were a pleasure to work with during a time when a family needs to make a difficult decision.  They were always available to us and very accommodating with any of our needs.  Next, the staff at the Grace Morgan House was wonderful to work with.  They were caring, kind, friendly and knowledgeable.  The staff and owners treated all residents with respect.  It was also nice to see how the residents looked out for one another.  This made for a lovely family atmosphere at Grace Morgan House.  In addition, the wide varieties of daily activities provided to the residents were both appropriate and fun.  The food was not only nutritious, but delicious as well.  Just like home.  The facility was always clean, well maintained, and continually being updated as needed,  The outside of the building was manicured and well maintained, while the outside patio provided a lovely place for the residents to gather and enjoy the nice weather, activities, and each other’s company.

Finally, If you are looking for a place that feels like home for your family member, we believe you will find it at The Grace Morgan House.

Dennis and Family    

 Thank you for having a wonderful place


·         Helen Thomson 

November 2017

I just want to say thank you for all you had done for my sister. I’m so happy that she was finally content living at Grace Morgan House. You have created a wonderful, warm home for all your residents. Your staff is awesome, and my sister felt very comfortable with them all. As a retired nurse herself, my sister felt as though the staff were on her level. I would highly recommend Grace Morgan House for anyone’s family member. Our family is so very grateful to you all. Again, thank you from all of us. Sent with love and lots of respect.

Grace Morgan House is the BEST!

November 2017

·         Jackie Goodwin 

Grace Morgan House is the BEST! Thank you and all your staff for everything you all did for my sister. I knew the very first day when I came to see the Grace Morgan House that this was the BEST place for my sister. The way I see it….You and your staff gave me and my family an extra 3-4 years with my sister because she was so well taken care of. She was very happy there. She had a great bond with your staff. She Loved the food, and she told me it was all homemade (just like home). I also want to thank you for all the support you and your staff gave to my sister's daughter (my niece) who managed my sister's life from an administrative standpoint. My niece said everyone was so good to her and helpful. THANK YOU Scott and STAFF, you’re all AWESOME!!!!! ��❤

Our family was happy with our experience at Grace Morgan.

July 2017

·         Noel 

My mother lived at Grace Morgan for about a year and a half. We liked that the building is a house-everyone's rooms were homey and cozy. The staff who cared for mom were affectionate and conscientious. We especially enjoyed visiting at mealtime, as the food is all homemade and delicious. 
[Removed] were quick to get back to us when we called with a question or concern about mom. Our mother was upset that she had to leave her own home, but the homeyness of the facilities and kindness of the staff helped smooth the transition for all of us.

Grace Morgan House is the best.

July 2016

·         David Smith, Chelmsford 

My mom lived at GMH for a year and a half. GMH is a cozy house in a residential setting (someone had posted that it is in the city but it is FAR from in the city). She felt very much at home here. She enjoyed all of the activities and meals. She was so proud and would show all of the crafts that she did. She made so many friends. Meals are "home cooked" right in the kitchen. She loved the blueberry muffins. There is a beautiful patio with a coy pond just to sit outside and get some sun. There a couple of nice "sun" rooms if you want to just leave your room for awhile. When mum health started to fail, the staff was extremely helpful in caring and understanding her situation. Mum has pass on now but I am so very grateful that we were able to find GMH. The entire staff is friendly and they care about the family, too; not just the resident. The facility is clean and comfortable it made my mum happy in her last year. My thanks to Scott, Suzanne and the entire staff. You are the best.


This Place Is Very Nice

June 2016

·         Grace Morgan House - Methuen, MA Visitor 
 Verified by

Everything went well with this tour and we liked how wonderful and nice the community is. I got to meet with the manager and he gave us a good tour. The only drawback is the location of the facility, it is not convenient for us.


Highly Recommended...

May 2016

·         RM 

One of the toughest decisions my sisters and I faced was where our Dad would live as it became clear that he couldn’t be on his own any longer. We looked at several places before deciding on Grace Morgan house and never regretted the decision for him to live there. As a very independent person, we were not surprised that our Dad’s initial reaction was anger and the typical “take me home” attitude. Within a couple of weeks he was referring to the place as home and constantly talked about how great the food and care was. The staff is excellent and it’s a great feeling to know that he was so well liked and taken care of. The atmosphere at GMH is very much like a home and Dad grew very close to his roommate as well the staff. They were also extremely patient with Dad’s memory issues and I always felt that they treated him with respect and dignity. On a more practical side, they were extremely helpful and flexible working through the finances and provided many workable options, given Dad’s very limited fixed income. We wholeheartedly recommend GMH.


Very Good Assisted Living

September 2015

·         Grateful Daughter 
 Verified by

Grace Morgan House provides more personalized care and is far better than the previous assisted living my mother was in. The owners were also very helpful with the move, when I couldn't be there. My mother is very well cared for now.

Grace Morgan House - a wonderful place

September 2014

·         Linda Joyce 

We were looking for a homey type place for our mother where she would have her own room and good care. We were so happy to find the Grace Morgan House and highly recommend this to others in our mother's situation. The all inclusive price is great for budgeting, the staff is friendly and caring as well as the owners, Scott and Suzanne. Because of the small size, the staff and owners all know the residents well and they are great about looking out for the residents best interests. The house is always clean, smells good and looks good. Not a fancy place but a wonderful place.

It's a home away from home.

August 2014

·         Bob Solomon 

We are very pleased with Grace Morgan House where my 98 year-old aunt now resides. They offer companionship for her in addition to a very friendly staff. Everyone makes it a priority to get to know her needs and maintain a homey atmosphere. With the many activities they provide and the 24 hour monitoring, it provides great peace of mind for the family.

I toured Grace Morgan for a place to move by mom

August 2014

·         S.C 

I toured Grace Morgan for a place to move my mom who is 98 years old and needs some help with daily routine. I like that it is only 27 residents and the staff is always checking on her, if there is a problem they call me right away. I also needed a place that would offer a low income program as she was out living her money. They have a wonderful program thru mass health and the process was so easy that within 2 weeks she was accepted .My family and I are very happy we chose Grace Morgan House knowing she is getting great care. The staff is wonderful .I would give Grace Morgan House a 5 star rating.


August 2014

·         Grace Morgan House - Methuen, MA Family 

We are very pleased with how things have gone with Grace Morgan House! There are a number of things that I think that they do very well here. Since it is a smaller community they are able to give each resident a lot of individual attention. The owners, Scott and Suzanne, as well as all of their staff, are very aware of what is going on with each of their residents. They're great at learning what works best for everyone, and very knowledgeable about how best to interact with each person as an individual.
I also really like their all-inclusive pricing structure. For one set price you're able to get everything they provide, which include assistance with medication, personal needs, care, etc.
The facility itself is not a fancy place, but it is clean, well kept, and extremely well run. The staff are an especially caring group of people, and they seem happy and to genuinely care about the happiness of the people they take care of.

Feels like home

July 2014

·         Mary Clark 
 Verified by Grace Morgan House - Methuen, MA

After touring many facilities I chose the Grace Morgan House for my grandmother, and i couldn't be happier! The rooms are homey and the staff is caring and attentive. It feels more like a home then any place we had been to.

Homey, family-like atmosphere with great staff

July 2014

·         Kathleen O'Wril, daughter of resident Rita Chwalek 

·         I am so very thankful that my mother chose Grace Morgan House 6 years ago. She enjoys activities every day, is assisted with showering and dressing, has three meals a day provided for her, her laundry is done daily, and she receives her medications in a timely way each day. I am impressed with the staff who really cares, gets to know each resident, and who communicates in an excellent manner (often with humor) with residents and family members. The owners, Scott and Suzanne Erickson, are on site often, friendly and ready to interact with residents and family members. I can say unequivocally that these people have high moral and ethical standards. By far, the thing I like the best is the homey, family-like atmosphere which is the essence of the Grace Morgan House , a facility of 25 residents. It didn't take long before Mom was calling it home.

The Grace Morgan House is the best thing that has happened to my mother.

July 2014

·         Jackie Randazza 

Mom said she chose Grace Morgan House as her new home because it was small, cozy, friendly, and full of love. She said "I do not want to live in a place, that's like a five star hotel." This august, 2014, mom will have completed 6 years in this wonderful environment of Grace Morgan House. We look forward to next march when we will celebrate mom's hundredth birthday. The Grace Morgan House is the best thing that has happened to my mother. She feels safe, protected, cared for, and loved. It warms my heart when mom has gone to a family outing, party, or experience, and says, " it's time for me to go home now". I feel this is the greatest compliment one could give to an assisted living facility... "Home."

Great assisted living

July 2014

·         Courtney 

My grandfather John lived at grace Morgan for 4 years. It was great that there was someone there with him 24 hours a day. He loved sitting outside on the patio. They offered many activities and home cooked meals that he enjoyed. The staff was like family to him and took great care of him, I will always be thankful

A great choice for assisted living for a parent.

July 2014

·         Susan Yeates 
 Verified by Grace Morgan House - Methuen, MA

My mother [removed] has been at Grace Morgan House for more than three years. While it was difficult leaving Mom in the beginning (more so for me), I think she has adapted. The CNA's are kind and helpful, always willing to chat and tell me stories about something Mom did. I visit Mom often, and have come to know Scott & Suzanne well, and really appreciate the care that they give Mom and all the residents. The meals are healthy and tasteful; the rooms are very clean and I generally find laughter in the living room while residents are being entertained by Suzi or a singing group. Overall my brothers and I are very pleased with the care Mom is getting at Grace Morgan House. Thank You!

Nice homey atmosphere

June 2014

·         Grace Morgan House - Methuen, MA Family 

·         My mom has lived at Grace Morgan for about a year now. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the building and rooms are kept very clean. Always activities going on daily. Nice outdoor patio with plenty of seating and soft music. Older building, with each room having its own uniqueness.
The most important thing, Mom likes it here.

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