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Built in 1746 - the History of Grace Morgan House

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Built in 1746 - the History of Grace Morgan House


The Grace Morgan House was built by Samuel Chase in 1746 for Captain William Russ (a captain in the revolutionary war). The original house was square in structure. It was one of the first 50 houses built in the town of Methuen and remains one of its oldest.  If you look carefully at the building, you can see the original, square structure in the middle. The back section of the house was built in the 1920s and the brick front section was added in 1970.

For most of its history, the Grace Morgan House was a farm.  Early plot drawings show a very large barn (bigger than the house) located on the property. Sometime in the 1800s, the house became a private residential home. In 1908, there was a substantial fire that destroyed the roof.

In the 1920s the building became the Barr Sanitorium (a small medical hospital, not a mental "sanitorium"). In 1931, Mary McGowan bought the property and it became the McGowan Hospital.  At the McGowan Hospital, many babies were born and many minor surgeries done.  We frequently meet people who tell us they were born here. 

In 1960, Dr. Kim bought the property and it became the McGowan Nursing Home.  The building remained a nursing home until 2000. Around 2000, the building was converted to use as an assisted living.  

In 2001 Tracy Jeffers and her partners bought the business. They changed the name to the Grace Morgan House (Grace is middle name of one of the partner's daughters and Morgan is the middle name of Tracy Jeffer's daughter). At that time a large investment was made into the building with many major improvements and re-modeling projects.

In 2005, Scott and Suzanne Erickson became the new owners. Since that time, the process of improving and remodeling has continued, and continues to this day. Scott and Suzanne are proud of what the Grace Morgan House has become, its staff, its residents and the quality of life they all enjoy.