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Finding the right assisted living for your mother or father is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do.It is not a decision you make every day, and it can be very confusing.


The award-winning Grace Morgan House is the only small, owner-operated assisted living residence in the Merrimack Valley. We have 26 happy, well-cared-for Residents and 18 caring and hard-working employees. 


Our motto is “Smaller is Better,” but the other part of our thinking is that “there is a right place for everyone.” Some elders actually do better in a large resort-hotel-style assisted living.

But many don't.

The information in these pages is intended to help you understand the difference between a small, owner-operated assisted living residence, and a large, corporate, resort-like facility.


While every senior is unique, family members’ looking for the right place often have many of the same questions. Here, we will attempt to provide you with the answers to such commonly-asked questions.

But sometimes it's the questions you never even thought about which are most important. We would like to respectfully suggest those questions to you, and provide you with some of the answers

In the end, the most valuable commodity in our business is trust. Trust can be intuited in the beginning, but must be earned in the end.

One way for us to start earning your trust is to provide you with good information.



We hope you will find some of that information on this web site and encourage you to call with any questions (Scott Erickson, Owner, 978 682 4324).